Hammerwich Treasure

Hammerwich Treasure
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Would you like to know more?

Chapter 7 Who buried the gold?
The reasons for a mixture of items being buried in a heath scrub over 1300 years ago, a passing of 35 generations, will never be known for sure. Any explanation will vary from a vague supposition to an informed probability. Even the most plausible description can turn out to be fallacy because behaviour of people can be irrational. Despite this, it is still possible to give a considered view of events and provide a conclusion which is open to review. There is much that is known on the geography of the burial site, the make-up of the hoard, the history of the locality and the behaviour of powerful people of the time to make some sort of judgement. It needs an open-mind and careful consideration.
     Mercian warlord Penda drowning at the Winwaed.

Oswiu carrying his treasure.

So what happened next to the treasure?

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